Sleep Saviour School

Grab all the information you need to really understand your little ones sleep and how to set them up for success. (Plus, catch a couple of winks yourself!)

You will get my expert advice on the science of sleep, setting up routines, specialist sleep coaching methods and so so so much more. It really is the toolkit you need for ultimate sleep success. 

She has a calm, nurturing and individual approach

"Tori has been such a lifesaver with both of my boys.

Introducing a new baby with a toddler has had many challenges and Tori has been there to support me through all of it. Her calm, nurturing and individual approach made it much easier to get my newborn and toddler into routines that worked for everyone.

I felt listened to and Tori paid attention to my concerns not just around sleep but toddler behaviour too. I feel more confident now as a parent and better able to handle the challenges coming my way!"

-Jen Hayworth Heath

After a day of implementing Tori's advice I saw a massive improvement

Tori is amazing! I can not recommend her enough.

Tori listened to what I wanted to achieve and supported me during the whole process.

I had no structure to my days and nap/bedtime was causing a lot of anxiety. It was always a question of whether my son would settle or become hysterical.

After a day of implementing Tori's advise I saw a massive improvement, I couldn't believe it.

Now my five month old son has a routine in place, goes down like an absolute dream for naps and bedtime. The anxiety has now gone and I no longer dread putting my son down for his naps.